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Acrylic Nail Clippers

Imalco Group Of Industries manufacture quality acrylic nail nipper. Acrylic nail nipper is used for cutting and shaping tips of artificial acrylic nails. Rust free, stainless steel, with adjustable and removable blades. Available in powder coated finish (dull), mirror polished finish, titanium plasma coated and different colors.
Barber  Bracelets

Here is our special gift of bracelet for professional barbers, hairstylists, beauticians and many more. This barber bracelet design has built our reputation for past few years and still it is doing great day by day. This barber bracelet is made with high quality material and it is available in Blue, Titanium Coated, Gold and Silver color.
Corn Plane

This corn plane tool removes unsightly corns and calluses easily. The safety blade is permanently secured in a clear blade clip which means there is never contact with the actual blade. You simply remove the blade clip and change with a new blade clip. We have complete line of corn planes, corn cutter, corn remover. Our stainless steel durable, light weight and rustproof plane is easy and effortless to use.
Cuticle Nippers

Professional nail nipper with sharp cutting edges for accurate clipping. Used to cut the stubborn and thickest nails. All our products in this range nail care instruments, nail nippers, tip cutters, cuticle nippers are especially made for professional and personal care use. These cuticle nippers are made from  the finest Japanese stainless steel to perform beyond limits, fully satisfying users. 
Cuticle Pushers

In our cuticle pushers category. Here
, you値l find expertly-crafted cuticle pushers that are designed to be comfortable and easy to use. cuticle pushers & cleaners are designed to push the cuticles away from the nails and clean the nail surface without scratching or harming the cuticle.

Cuticle Scissors 

Our cuticle scissors are made of high quality Japanese stainless steel, with sharp blade which enable you to cut evenly across the cuticles with smooth operation. We carry a large number of categories in cuticle scissors. like nail scissors, professional scissors, embroidery scissors, fancy scissors, beauty scissors nose scissors, moustaches scissors, toenail scissors, arrow point scissors. 

Double Edge Safety Razors

Imlaco Group Of Industries, Double edge safety razor, for smooth shaving,  Large handle gives the user the perfect grip for extra comfort. Made of bras metal. Available in Silver, Golden and Black color. Double edge safety razor is now available in wood and horn handle.
Embroidery Scissors

We are offering Embroidery Scissors, fancy Scissors, Curved Embroidery Scissors, Embroidery Tools, Craft Scissors, Stork Scissors and Beautiful design and precise function are combined in our Embroidery Scissors enhanced with gold-plated handles. All of our Professional products are exquisitely crafted and has become the top-of-the-line for quality and workmanship. Each instrument is finely polished and individually tested.
Beauty And Manicure Kits

The finest manicure sets and manicure kits make personal grooming a pleasure. Wide array of manicure sets for men and manicure kits for women available at Imalco Group Of Industries. We have complete range of manicure set, pedicure sets, Manicure box, Pedicure kit Beauty kit, Beauty set, Beauty box, Beauty tools. In which, the user can find almost each and every tool.
Nail Files

We provide our customers wide range of nail files, sapphire nail file, foot file, plastic nail file, toenail file, manicure nail file, pedicure nail file and we can also make any style of nail file as per customer design and instruction's. As a self manufacturer we can supply you best quality at very competitive prices.
Our product line is designed to meet all of your needs.
Nail Nippers

We make the highest quality nail nippers. All our products in this range are especially made from the finest Japanese JJ1 410 Stainless Steel to perform beyond limits. Meticulous quality inspections at all stages of production ensure the consistently high quality. Imalco Group Of Industries has become your ultimate source of personal grooming products.
Professional Barber Scissors

Imalco Group Of Industries manufacture high quality professional barber scissors, razor edge scissors, thumb scissors, professional hairdressing scissors. Our high quality implements, stainless steel shears are used by the professional barbers, hairstylists and professional hair salons. The scissors are made of high quality Japanese stainless steel.
Pet Grooming Shears

The professional pet grooming shears Of Imalco Group Of Industries are forged from the highest quality 440C stainless steel for precision and durability.
We have complete range of pet products like pet grooming shears, dog grooming shears, Titanium coated grooming scissors, dog thinning scissors, dog thinning shears. Light weight and comfortable pet grooming scissors manufactured to professional pet grooming standards.
Scissors Pouches

We also have comprehensive range of leather scissors pouches for professional hairdressing scissors. Leather case are made to keep the tool safe and use it last long. These pouches are made with fine leather, high quality material is used to make these fine products and these pouches are available in Genuine leather,  Artificial leather and various designs.

Straight Razors

Straight razor designs has built our reputation on bringing you the finest in men's wet shaving and grooming supplies. Straight razors,440 stainless steel easier to sharpen, Full hollow ground biconcave blades, point is rounded, razor with sharp blade gives smooth shave. We believe in the quality of every product we offer.

Tailor and Household Scissors

Tailor scissors for cutting fine to heavy fabrics, cording, plastics, rubber, leather, vinyl and tape. These tailor and household scissors have straight handles and polished nickel-chrome plated drop forged steel blades. Painted or nickel-chrome plated handles. Tailor scissors are available in various colors in handle.

Thinning Shears

Imalco Group Of Industries is manufacturing quality professional thinning scissors, thinning shears,  texturizing shears, texturezing blenders. We use Japanese stainless steel 420 J2. All scissors are convex edge, hollow ground. Whether you cut hair that is wet or dry, fine or coarse, straight or curly, our thinning shears are designed for professional hairdressers.

Titanium Coated Shears

We offer huge assortment of colored shears along with sharp cutting edges. Multi color titanium coated shears, blue titanium coated shears, gold titanium coated shears, pink color PVC coated and black color PVC coated shears for professional barbers. Thin layer of titanium is coated on scissors using automatic plants machine which increases the life of scissors and increases its sharpness and gives scissors an attractive look.


Imlaco Group Of Industries is producing finest quality tweezers, made with only the highest quality stainless steel and can be supplied in gold plating, mirror polish, satin, dark satin and color coating and colors. We carry variety double ended tweezers, pointed tweezers, slanted tip tweezers, eye brow tweezers with textures on handle, professional tweezers, general tweezers etc.


Imalco Group Of Industries is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of beauty, professional barber and shaving instruments. Imalco Group Of Industries has been manufacturing and supplying  professional barber scissors, thinning shears, three ring scissors, straight razor, double edge safety razor, nail nippers, nail cutters, nail files, manicure products, beauty tools, beauty instruments, eyelash curler, cuticle pusher, corn cutter, acrylic nippers, embroidery scissors, pet grooming shears, acrylic clippers, scissors pouches, strops, straight razors, shaving bowls, titanium coated scissors and tweezers all over the World since 1996.We also supply our products to distributors and  wholesalers Worldwide. You can also buy these quality products from our online shop.
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